Question about Mens Bleeker Weekend Tote

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  1. Does anyone know what color the leather hangtag is on the Marine colored Bleeker Tote?
    The one on the website looks like it is the blue marine color, but the one in my local boutique is a tan color.
    I really like the blue one...not so much the tan one.
  2. #2 Sep 19, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2012
    I thought you'd get 2 hangtags, a matching one and a brass one. MrCoachie has a chili tote and a blue tote on his reveal.

    You can pick the color for a monogrammed hangtag. I don't know if that replaces the matching one but I was concerned about returning, so I didn't order a monogrammed hangtag.

    ETA: Looks like he has a tan leather hangtag, so maybe that is an older batch. I am going to request a marine hangtag if mine doesn't come with one. I ordered through the FP store but I gave them the style number and color code so hopefully it will ship as depicted on the web site.

    The ones with the tan tags might have a different style number.
  3. Thanks for your reply.
    My store had 2 marine totes in the store. They both have the tan tag.
    I didn't know you could order a monogramed tag. Maybe I'll do that if they are sure that it will be Marine.
  4. The stock photo online is wrong. It definitely comes with the natural vachetta tag and a brass one. I actually like the contrast. I was surprised when I got it too, but I didn't mind so much. We don't have any other bags in that color so it might be hard to get a matching blue tag. Also, when you monogram I don't think there is an option for a blue tag. When they monogram, you get the tags that come with the bag PLUS the monogrammed one. So you can get whatever color you want. That way if you don't like the bag, you can take the tag off and return the bag! Not that you wouldn't like it! Lol :smile: Hope this clears some things up!