Question about membership

  1. hi, i'm just new here. and how do i close my account and delete my membership? :smile: ( i won't close or delete my membership, im just asking for long term purposes). thanks!!! :smile:
  2. I think you can read it in FAQ
  3. i can't find it. sorry, i've been looking for it but i really can't find it :confused1:
  4. welcome!

    Why would you want to close it later on?

    Trust me, you will enjoy it here.

  5. i think you have to PM a mod...

    oh, welcome to the PF!
  6. welcome to ptf... i have the same question also
  7. If u want your membership name deleted.PM VLAD
  8. You can not delete your account.

    You can choose to log out and never come back if you want...

    But I hope you enjoy it here!! :flowers: