Question about MC

  1. For those of you that own a MC piece, do you notice that the print fades off easily? I have looked at a few auctions on ebay and it seems like a lot of them have rubbed off print (the monogram on the canvas). I was just curious as to how fast this happens and if it is common. Thanks!
  2. Hmm..

    Well, the canvas of my MC Wh. Speedy looks like the day I bought it...and that was when they first came out. Haven't noticed any peeling/chipping, etc.

    My other MC access. or new (just gotten over the last few months) so too new to judge those.
  3. Honestly, I abuse my MC/Cerises bags like crazy and NOTHING has ever rubbed off. I think there was a thread about color fading/rubbing off and I was shocked to find out that some people have experienced it.
  4. That is good to know, I would hate to have that happen. Thanks ladies!
  5. I was forewarned about it by the SA when I bought my black MC. So far no problems (it's only 3 months ago)....but I kind of baby it too after his warning.
  6. i've had my white Multicolore Pochette Accessoires for nearly two years and the only thing that's happened to it is the patina.
  7. My white MC cles has some flakage.. but it's been abused by its previous owner (so sad !).
  8. my carnet had flakes... but not to my other items. the SA told me not to rub the colours when cleaned it.
  9. Both my speedies look new like the day i got them. :yes:
    My accessories also still look brand new. Yeah, i think it could happen, but i wouldn't let that stop you from getting a piece in mc. As long as you don't beat up your bags a whole lot, i think they'll be ok.
  10. I am not particularly careful with my MC bags and they are fine.
  11. I am definitely not one to abuse my bags, they are totally babied!
  12. Then i think you'd be totally fine. :yes:

    I don't particularly baby mine, either, but they are still great. No signs of wear, except the vachetta...
  13. The portemonnaie plat I have has been in almost constant use for a year and there is some flaking near the closure. On my cerises wallet which I also used daily for some time, a cherry has started to lose the red color. But the problems occur only with heavily used (not abused) items and only where they get touched and rubbed a lot. If you rotate your items, you should be fine though.
  14. My MC Black Pochette accessories, 3 years, has some colors coming off on the bottom corners only. It's hard to notice unless you hold it up to your face.
  15. I have the white mc trouville and pochette. I have had them for about 2 months. I use the trouville everyday and am not overly careful with it. I have noticed no rub off at all. The patina is just starting to deepen and even though sometimes I have not been too careful, the bag looks perfect!!