Question about MC speedy

  1. Hi! I am thinking about getting the MC speedy in black but i was wondering if I can request a bag that doesnt have "green" in it because I dont really like it too much? or at least somewhere that doesnt really "pop out" if that makes sense.. or do i just have to get the one that they have at that present time at the store?

    and does the patina really stand out when it gets dark with the black handbag? then the white MC speedy?

    Thanks so much!
  2. You can make a search at eBay, I think there's one listed with a lot of patina (search for multicolor And then multicolore) when you go in the store, ask to see the ones they have available, maybe you'll be lucky and get one without the green in the front, it's inevitable for it not to have the color green because the colors pattern is set. Good Luck!
  3. if you can, take a picture to the store of one that has the right color combo. if not, have the SA bring out all the color combinations they have in stock. trust me they shouldn't make a fuss about this as i've done it for every MC piece i own hehe. :smile:
  4. there should be no problem about choosing a color combination you like as long as there are a lot of pieces in stock. my SA always brings out a couple of pieces for me to choose. do stick to 1 SA when you find one who is very helpful.
  5. Yes, the store SA should bring a few out for you to look at, its better if you go in person and check them out. Good luck!!
  6. 'Tis true! I hope they have the color combo you want!
  7. thanks so much!
  8. I agree with the others. :yes:

    If you purchase it at a LV Boutique just ask the SA to bring out ones with different color combos so you will able choose which one you want.

    I did this when I bought my MC Ursula and the SA didn't give me any problems. They didn't have the color combo I wanted but I still was able to choose from the ones they brought out.

    Good Luck! :flowers: