Question about MC speedy LV

  1. Hi! I"m new here! :biggrin:

    I purchased my first LV MC speedy 30 from an auction website, and it looks very authentic, but I am confused about the colors. I was looking at the "Authenticate This!" thread and saw some pictures of authentic speedy's and noticed that the flowers and stars are very pale, whereas on mine, all of the colors are vibrant. Are the background designs supposed to fade as the purse ages or are they made lighter than the LV symbols? Any help would be appreciated! :smile:
  2. Pics?
  3. post up pics and we can help you out better.
  4. I hope this works!...

  5. WEll I do see light colors on this bag. The colors look very similar to my MC trouville bag. I think it's real. You have light grey and light purple, and all the light colors its supposed to have. How about some pics of the stamp on the clochette? Also, does the hardware have 6 points on the studs? I've heard some girls ask about that.
  6. I vote authentic
  7. Thanks tr444! :flowers:

    It's got all the right markings. I made sure I researched this bag for months before I made the purchase. It's too much money to spend on something that I'm not going to use because it's fake! :biggrin: I was just confused about the colors because it looked like my purse had different shades from the other purses I saw. Now that I know it's real I can love it even more. LOL :love: :heart:
  8. it may be the flash others used or whatnot. :smile:
  9. I am sorry but the bag is fake.:sad:
  10. Hi LV addict

    How can you tell?
  11. Hi Frozen,

    This is off topic, but... what kind of bunny do you have? I have one, too!! She's a miniature lop, tortoise colored. :love:
  12. I take it back lol!! yes it is fake, I can tell because on the back I see two identical colors next to eachother!!
  13. Below are the pics of the real MC Speedy. See how wrong the order of LVs on the bag you posted is compare to the one in the pics below?
    01142.jpg 01142b.jpg
  14. Thanks for the pics!
    Do all the MC speedy's have the exact same color pattern?
  15. I dont think so, I believe it depends where they cut the canvas