Question about MbyMJ Faridah hobo

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  1. Hello all,
    I ordered a MbyMJ faridah hobo (the logo print one) in chamois about a week or two ago from I looked at the pictures of the ones at Neiman Marcus and bergdorg goodman and noticed that my two front snaps are different on my bag than those. Mine simply say MJ while the other say Marc Marc Jacobs. Does anyone have this bag and could tell me maybe it's because they are different colors? I took off the tag so hopefully it isn't a fake because it is so soft and lovely and I figured bluefly was safe because so many people on here order from it. Any opinions? :wtf:

    Here's the link to see the bag
  2. i have a faridah that i purchased from holt renfrew in toronto and the snaps say 'marc by marc jacobs'

    but dont worry blue fly is a legit site from what i have heard. i have never bought from them but have heard only good things.
  3. There are accusations of both legit and fakes from Bluefly. The problem seems to be they don't really inspect what they buy from resellers.

    I know Zappos (who has great pics) carries M by MJ and the Faridah they have says Marc by Marc Jacobs on the tag. They sell authentic merchandise. Here's a pic from the website.