Question about Mat Stockton

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  1. Hello Experts,

    I came across a pre-loved Mat Stockton. It's really a pretty bag. The only thing that I have concern about that bag is that I noticed the handle with the mat leather is a little bit bubbly. Is it normal? Other than that, the bag looks in a good shape.

    Also, the price is about $600. Is it a fair price?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I dont know about the handle, but i remember the stockton from when it was out and always thought is was a beautiful, "clean" bag - super for when you mean business! Dont remember the price when it was out, but i guess if it is in good shape, then 600 is ok - you dont get much "new" bag for that amount anymore, sadly, apart from the smaller ones...
  3. I like the bag, and think it is a decent price. The bubbles in the handles would most likely bother me though.
  4. What do you mean by bubbly? Is the leather separating?
  5. No, it's not separating. The leather looks fine. I don't know if it is wrinkle after carrying because of the stiff leather. It just does not look smooth.

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