Question about massive Dior sale and Dubai boutique...

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  1. So I hear there is a massive summer sale... has anyone been to Harrods yet? I asked my bf to call them and see what they have there for sale and how much savings can be got. :heart:

    Has anyone seen the sales starting yet, and by any chance has anyone seen anything in red and beige Diorissimo yet on the sales floor?

    I need as much info about the sales as I can... I'm also prolly going to Dubai this summer and was wondering if the Dior boutique there is any good or not?
  2. i think the harrods sale starts on the last week of june and stretches all the way to july. if you're banking on bagging something at harrods, you'd probably have to send your boyfriend to sleep overnight outside harrods in the queue and to really start snatching the goods as quick as he can.

    as for the dior in dubai, maybe you'd like to ask Chloe about it as she should be more familiar.
  3. Chloe doesn't shop at the Dubai boutique last I asked her.

    The boutiques are okay- loads of Gauchos last time I was there, but they don't always have all the bags from seasonal collections. There are two from what I know, one in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi which is about 2 hours drive away. To give you an idea on the pricing, the black saddle costs 2500dhs. It's definitely cheaper than England because there is no tax in Dubai, but I have found places like HK and Singapore to be cheaper.
  4. Hi

    When does the Dior sale at Harrods start so I know when to plan my trip for Ms Babydoll Chanel

    Also I'm concered about the doormen, with store being very elite will they let a average joe like me in?

    Thanks ladies,
  5. ^ babydoll/babykins, i googled it out for you.

    harrods sale is between 2nd - 28th July. wonder who would be opening the event. i believe the previous one was eva longoria (or maybe i'm just hallucinating as usual).

    heh, as for doormen, seriously in all my encounters with the doormen, they're probably the FRIENDLIEST people you'll meet/encounter in the boutique. it should be the SAs that you should worry about, although honestly, with harrods, it's really not intimidating at all, with all the brands and their bags in their own counters/space. it's a less nerve-wrecking experience than stepping into the boutiques along sloane street proper, and to be honest, i've never met a single nasty SA from dior.
  6. My bf (babykins) called Harrods' yesterday in regards to this sale and he got some more details: It starts on July 2nd and they don't know as of yet what bags will be on sale, they didn't have the price list. BUT Dior is definitely having a sale. :biggrin:

    Are any of you British Diorlitas planning on going?
  7. The Dior store in Dubai (Burjuman) isnt really nice to be honest. It recently opened though. maybe around 2 years ago. Its small (tiny! actually) compared to like Paris, London, New York. Harrods isnt intimidating at all. Sometimes i find it so market-ish! i Prefer Sloane Street, Selfridges.. Harrods in the summer is like..horrible!!
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