Question about markings

  1. Hi, everybody and Merry Christmas. I have a question.... my mom got me a pretty bracelet with the "S925F" engraved into the inner backside of it. I was just wondering does that mean that the metal isn't gold? I am just worried because my mom said that it's gold and I am allergic to silver. Also, I am afraid that she might have been cheated out of her money again since she doesn't really pay attention to things like gold plated and gold filled (happened a couple times already). Please help me ! Thanks very much!
  2. 925 is the marking for sterling silver. If the piece were gold it would have a marking denoting the the type of gold (e.g. 14K for 14 karat gold).
  3. sorry about this thread. i just received clarification from my sister who bought it with my mom and lied to me :shrugs: oh well, merry xmas!