Question about Marc and Marc by Marc dust bags

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  1. Have you had any luck asking an SA in a department store that carries mbmj or in the mbmj stores for a dustbag if you don't have one for a bag?

    I want to muster up the courage to ask the sales associates at my local saks but I never buy my bags from them directly because the handbag department in my store is so small. Thanks in advance!!
  2. I've been wondering that, too. I bought a MP off of eBay and it didn't come with a dustbag. If I went to a MJ boutique do you think a SA would give me a dustbag? Has anyone done that before?
  3. I did and was asked for a receipt. But it was actually for the lone retail store bag I have ever bought and it didn't have the dust bag and I had the recipt from the store so I got one from them.
    I've bought 2 off of ebay for my 2 bags they didn't have them.