Question about Mandy

  1. I am not sure if anyone can answer this. Is the Mandy Signature lighter than the Mandy Leather? I wish one of our stores carried Legacy but they do not. I would like to order one for the PCE and was not interested in signature but the SA today had the signature in ebony trim and it was adorable. I find it not so heavy but I would prefer Leather.


  2. the signature is definately lighter than the leather...but i prefer the look of the leather on the mandy, for sure.
  3. Thanks Kallison I do too. I am just worried that it will be too heavy but then again I do not lug a purse around with me all the time because I have a tote for work and do not take a purse. It was not too long ago I thought the Mandy was too big and wondered what everyone stuck in the big bags. Now I know...all the accessories you end up buying. I outgrew the shoulder bag it seems.
  4. it's heavy, but nothing too horrible. (i had it and returned it...been kicking myself ever since).

    it fit all my stuff in it- very practical.
  5. yes you guys are correct the signature is a little bit lighter than the leather...but one of the main reasons the legacy collection is so heavy is because of all its hardwear. The nice thing about Mandy is that it has a thick wide strap so it doesnt feel as heavy when you were it on your shoulder.
  6. I like it better in leather. It's so beautiful!!!
  7. Leather, definitely. :yes:
    It may be a tad heavier, but it's gorgeous.
  8. I agree leather is much prettier. Thanks for all your opinions.