Question about Mandy Courier that I purchased

  1. Hello, I was told of this forum by someone over at the eBay discussion boards. I bought a Coach Signature Gold Mandy Courier on eBay. I own quite a few of Coach bags which I have bought from Coach online, department stores, and eBay. Anyway, I researched this bag and the seller before I bought. It wasn't until after I had rec'd the bag that I noticed the inner Creed patch writing isn't in gold. I looks like it should, just not with the gold. Everything else about the bag looks right to me. When I took it out of its dust bag I could instantly smell the lovely smell of leather. I do have the auction # that shows detailed pics of the bag.. It is: 320064550133. I did contact the seller and he has offered a refund if I want to return it, but I love it and got it for a great price. I just do not want to be carrying a fake bag. Oh, I also contacted Coach and the person there said that this could've just been an oversight/ or malfunction of the machine at the factory. Would like opinions from other Coach lovers. Thanks!
  2. Hey there-

    I would post your questions, along with pics of the bag in the "Authenticate This" area. You should get a ton of responses pretty quickly there!

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks, I just posted it there!
  4. Another way to look at it - if red flags didn't go up when you spoke with the folks at Coach and they think it was a malfunction of their stamping machine - you'll have a unique Coach bag!
  5. i responded over in authenicate this! about what i thought...but it's all nitpicky details.