Question about mandarin Speedy smell

  1. I know there were issues with mandarin speedy and weird (cat pee) smell. I checked the date code on my speedy (which I got a couple of months ago) and the bag was made in March 2004. My bag doesn't have any smell and I was wondering if the smell issue was on the newer batch of mandarin bags?:idea:
  2. It makes me so sad because I love the color but am afraid it will have the smell! Is it just the Speedy that has the problem or the other bags (Jasmin) as well?
    BTW your Speedy is gorgeous, glad it smells good too! :biggrin:
  3. Is it possible that I don't have a datecode on my speedy? Mine has a minor almost skunky smell but it's not really bad.
  4. I found it! Mine was made in March 2004 as well. I found it interesting though that the datecode says it was made in Spain but the tab on the outside of the bag says made in France. Why is that?
  5. I never did look at the datecode on the stinky Speedy (amazing, huh) but I do remember that it was Made In France.

    The SAs with whom I've spoken about this during my return saga have said that it's a condition known in the Epi Supple (the new soft Epi) leather. I don't know when that became the new one used for these bags, but I bet somebody else here does!
  6. Mine was made in France in 04 - HORRID cat pee smell!!
  7. I'm hoping mine does not smell like cat pee when I get it :shocked: Though I love that color so much, I just might have to live with it. I could always put cat litter in it ;) Tidy Cats for Multiple Cats works well :P
  8. LOL small bags in the bottom of your Epi of cat litter :shocked: But I guess if it takes the smell away...
    What we ladies wont do :roflmfao:

  9. :lol: I was only kidding. But I have heard of people putting small bags of cat litter in their handbags to get rid of a smoke smell. Supposedly it works :huh:
  10. LOL i think some would do it....