Question about mala mala

  1. Hi everyone,

    I would like to find a mala mala on eBay but there are apparently so many fakes around. Can anyone tell me what are the telltale signs of a fake (apart from the obvious signs of plastic around the handles, shady explanations about the origin of the bag, neg. evaluations, etc.)?
    Does anyone of you have (detailed) pictures of their mala mala so that I have something to compare it with? I already did a search about mala mala in the forum but there are not many pics.

  2. Mrs. V.

    I always buy from this seller on eBay who carry all and only authentic bags. There was a Mala Mala last month, but it was taken. But, you can always ask to see if she can get the hold of one for you.
  3. Hi Sweetee,

    Yeah, I would be interested to know the name of that seller.
  4. konasesame is a trusted seller of YSL handbags.
  5. So is theitalianconnection.

  6. Thanks SO much for this info, Greendrv! You just enabled me to get off the fence and buy this from konasesame!! :yahoo:

    I've been looking for the "perfect" red bag forever and I SO wanted to believe this was real. I sort of figured it was since it's an unusual YSL design and an older bag and everything else that konasesame sells looked good. I'll post pics when I get it. Woot! :yahoo:


    Now I have a new red bag to go with my new red car. :graucho: