Question about maintenance of woven leather bags

  1. Does stuff get caught up in the weave? Do you have to be more particular about what goes near it? I have shied away from woven bags because I worry that the weave will trap dirt and debris, but I have seen some cute woven bags that I would love to carry. Is the weave a problem?
  2. I have 3 Bottega Veneta woven bags and never had any trouble with the weave part of it. I am usually careful with my bags though. If I were you I'd have a look at how tight the weave is on the bag and the quality of the leather before buying. If it looks like it is prone to fraying or snagging, stay away!
  3. OK, Syma said what I was going to. My Bottegas have never had a problem. Other brands with woven styles, I can't vouch for. I would look at the overall quality and tightness or looseness of the weave as she said. The strips could fray if the leather isn't good quality (I stupidly bought a fake BV before I knew the difference and it did fray).
  4. Thanks ladies :tup:
  5. My mom pretty much only carries Bottegas and she never has any problems. I know people that have Gryson wovens too and they have never had any problems either.