Question about magenta bbags

  1. Are the magenta bbags new leather or are they more like the old less crinkly leather?

    If anyone has a picture of any magenta bbags they own that they can post, I would appreciate it.
  2. hey ya
    magenta was only released in 2005 pre spring - so from that i take it was the old leather.... but i could be totally wrong!
    its a great colour and its totally on my want list!
    good luck!
  3. magenta came out last pre-fall so it's the considered new leather. However, even with some 05 pre fall to 06.. you can get lucky with decent leather.
  4. I have owned 8 magenta B bags (I know, it's a sickness - lol). Even though it's officially the "new" leather, they were all squishy like the older leather. One of the citys and the day bag had significantly more distressing than the others but they were no where near the veiny leather that the 06 bags are made of.

    I just tried to post pics but they're too big??? Once I figure out how to resize them, I'll try to post them again :smile:
  5. ^ EIGHT?!?!?! WOW!!! You're my hero!!! LOL

  6. Wow- 8?! You must really like Magenta! Are there pictures of your collection in this forum? :love: :love:
  7. I have a magenta first... and the leather seems a lot more thick and squishy than the new leather.. however, recently, the leather seems to be cracking.. especially on the back! I've been freaking out and conditioning it like mad for the past hour. It IS very soft though.. ^^

    I don't know how I would handle one of the new leather bags if I'm freaking out about this! lol..

    I'll try to take a pic tonight and post. I just need to clear off my desk.
  8. You are too funny! I have sold most of them. My magenta obsession began with a city. Then I bought the voyage. Next came the day bag and the make up clutch. Bought the work. Sold the city, rebought the city, sold the day and make up clutch. Bought and sold the city. Bought yet another city and the coin purse. Finallly, just sold the work. Whew...I still have the voyage, city and coin purse and they are keepers!

    Anyhow, I'm still trying to figure out how to resize my pictures, stay tuned.
  9. My Magenta Classique is not as distressed as my Bordeau Classique from the same season. I think there's a fair amount of variation.
  10. I'm distressed to hear about the cracking. Is this a distress surface cracking or is the leather cracking through and through?
  11. susan-eric: Some of the minor cracks look like it's just on the surface.. but there's a part on the right side of the back where I think the actual leather was cracking through. There's even a tiny spot where you can see that part of the leather chipped off. However, after conditioning it last night and stuffing it with towels (so that it would not fold in the cracks), it seems to be doing better. You can definitely still see the crackly parts but from far away, it just looks like part of the distressing. It's just sad to touch it because everwhere else, the bag is so smooth (and softttttttt ^^) and then I reach that part and it's just all crackly and :sad:
  12. Oh no how sad! I am scared to get one now! I don't want to spend all that moeny for a bag that I can't use or that will crack! I am worried!!! I hope yours is doing ok though!!
  13. Post pics I would love to see,..:love: :love:
  14. Hi. I have a magenta city bag and the leather is very yummy and smooth. No distressing at all, which I love. I'm not a big fan of distressing and the thin leather you see this year.
  15. Interesting ... I would consider the Magenta to be in the "old" leather category ... the quality is far superior to the current batch (especially the ones that have just come out).

    When I spoke to the S/A at Balenciaga-NYC last night, I told her that I find the new leather to be very disappointing. She tried to tell me that "with wear ... bla bla bla", and while that's true to a certain degree, for those of us who've been collecting these bags for some time, there is a HUGE difference! The 'old' leather was just so wonderfully soft (but still light), distressed but not with all those "cracklings" and white "marble-i-zation" (at least that's what it looks like to me).

    I had heard that Balenciaga was going back to the old leather, but I'm not so sure anymore ... don't know if that was just wishful thinking or not ...