Question about Madison Shoulder bag metallic rosegold

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  1. Hi,
    I went to the store yesterday and touched the Madison shoulder bag in metallic silver ($598). It is the softest thing ever. I want to get the Rosegold color. Does anyone have one? Is the leather the same texture as the silver bag, or is it the same as the Rosegold Sabrina?
  2. The rosegold is different than the silver one. The rosegold feels like regular leather, colored in rose gold metallic color, where the silver shoulder bag feels like suede, soft and sparkly. it looks like the sparkles are woven or "glued" into the silver sued like leather. Its completely different. The silver is very hard to clean once dirty.
  3. Like Coachmommy said, the silver feels very much liks suede, but it isn't suede. The rosegold is more like the regular leather on the other Madison shoulder bags. The rosegold is such a pretty color!