Question about Madison Ave. store birkin "closed list"

  1. I have heard repeatedly that the birkin list at the Madison Avenue store is "closed" and has been for several years. What does this mean exactly? Is there is a list, and what does it mean that it is "closed"? No new names, or no new requests? (Its hard to believe that anyone in NY would wait 5 years without getting a birkin bag, and still be a customer, but hey, anything's possible I suppose). Is the list computerized, in a looseleaf notebook, or what? Forgive me, I know this type of question has been asked on the forum before. But unfortunately, I havent been able to glean a clear answer to the question.
  2. You can do searches on past threads to get your answer.
  3. Hi - If you become a regular customer and find a SA that you click with and work with often, your chances of getting a Birkin are MUCH higher.
    I got a Birkin at my store by doing this even though the "list" is closed.
    Good luck finding your dream bag!
  4. Hi - The official company list is closed, meaning that the store is not taking any orders. However, you can leave your list of "desired bags" with your SA. Your SA will call you when your bag is available. I've never had to wait more than 1 week for a bag. The store usually have birkins/kellys in the "back," but I think they're allocated to the SAs. The key to walking out with a birkin is to walk in with a birkin. The store/SAs definitely prefer to sell to collectors.