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Nov 1, 2009
I was looking at and was reading about the Made to Order handbags but it does not have much information at all. Does anyone know how much this cost? And what type of handbags and canvases you can choose? Please, help me. I know some of you have special ordered Damier Ebene Galliera's and can probably give some insight to the price difference. Thanks


Sep 19, 2008
World Traveller
SOs are at least 25% more than the regular price. You need to leave a deposit (usually half the cost of the bag) and it takes a few months before you get your SO. As for materials, the only thing I know for sure is that they only allow this with canvases that have been out at least 3 years. There is a thread or two about SOs no longer being taken for soft-sided items; here is one of those threads, which may help answer some of your questions:
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