Question about MAC Little Darlings Pink Lipglosses

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  1. I just noticed recently that the dark pink sparkly one in this set is the only one that does not have any writing on the tube. All others in the set say MAC on them along with the name of the colour, whether they are a lipglass or a lustreglass, etc., and a bunch of other information. I find this very odd.

    Has anyone else with this set noticed this or if you have this set can you please check yours and let me know if all five of yours have writing on them? Thanks.
  2. I have this set too. I'll go look at them in a few...once I can pry myself off the couch.
  3. No one else has this set?
  4. BNJJ, I have this set and just looked at it. All 5 of mine have writing on them. I got mine from the MAC website.

    Hope that helps! :yes:
  5. Just checked mine...I think you're referring to Flashmode? Yes all mine state what they are. I bought mine @ Macy's.
  6. Thanks guys. So odd. I got mine from
  7. bnjj I looked and forgot to post back. Mine all have writing on them. I got my set at MAcy's.
  8. I called MAC and since my red cylinder arrived damaged and one tube has no writing on it, which they find odd as well, they are sending me a new set. They have great customer service.
  9. Wow, I'll say!
  10. I also have the pink set; they all have the names written on them. Glad the customer service at MAC took care of you, it is good to know should anyone else ever have a problem:yes:
  11. My new set arrived already. FedEx brought it yesterday. Is that fast or what?? All the ones in this set have writing on them.
  12. ^^^ That's great to hear. While I have only dealt with their makeup artists online (I was looking for color advice), I found the service I received to be very good. It's nice to know there are some companies who are dedicated to good customer service.