Question about MAC fluidline...

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  1. I was wondering if fluidline is a product that would dry up, or become old real fast since it is liquid. I really like some of the colors and would like to give fluidline a try. I don't want to buy it if it will dry up in a couple of months.

  2. i think as long as you keep the lid tight and only have it off while you're using it, it should last plenty of time. i've also heard that placing it upside down (so its sitting on its lid) when closed and not in use will make the moisture stay even longer.
  3. It doesnt really dry out-thats why i love Mac! B4 fluidline, i would use smudgepot by stila and that dried out super quick!
  4. ^Thanks to both of you!!! I'm glad to hear that! Definately buying a couple fluidline pots! :tup:
  5. yup I've heard that stila is really bad because it dries up quickly and there's no way to save them. MAC is great though!

    can't wait to see what amazing things you're going to do with them :smile:))
  6. ^I'm excited to get some fluidline!!!! I saw a video on youtube from is called artistic. Way cool! I really want to do something like that!
  7. Fluidliners do tend to dry up. I was religious about keeping my lids screwed on tight, but they still dried up despite my best efforts. I switched to Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliners, and they not only stay better and have (for me) better colors, but they last a lot longer!
  8. I prefer Bobbi brown too!!
  9. ^That is also good to know. Thank you!