question about M42321 / M42322

  1. does anyone have info on these bags?

    from my understanding, they are not in production anymore..
    i am just wondering if LV would re-produce some older models sometimes??
    or do anyone have seen them in some consingment stores?!

    thanks for your help!

  2. This was from the Mini Lin collection from the early 2000-2003, the carryon travel bag was called the "Louise" and came in blue and khaki mini lin colors. You can probably find this on eBay or reputable LV reseller.
  3. they dont come up on eBay very often and when mini mono does its ususally in bad condition, really dirty.
  4. ahh.. icic, thanks for the clarifications guys...


    (so its unlikely LV will make these in the future again?)
  5. i've also been looking for a Louise for a while now too. best of luck!
  6. Hi,

  7. Guys, no buying/selling on TPF. Please read the rules! ;)
  8. Sorry... I didn't realize my post was against the rules... I need to read the rules in detail now... Thanks for the heads up
  9. When is the last time you saw one on eBay or Amazon? You mentioned that everything that you seen has been very used. Is this considered to be a rare item and worth more than the original list?? Is there a sight that will give actually current sellable value??