Question about LVR ordering

  1. I ordered a chocolate paddy from LVR about 1 month ago. The credit card went through no problem. I didn't receive a confirmation email .( Like you do from aloharags) I didn't write down the order number and the charge hasn't gone on my credit card.
    So....tomorrow is my birthday and my husband is taking me to the Chole trunk show in Bellevue, WA. Shoud I assume I will get the bag from LVR and get something else or if they have a chocolate paddy should I just get it?
    I have never ordered from LVR and just wanted some advice !Thanks in advance.
  2. You might email their customer service account although you are on the time-difference line of them being gone for the day and they aren't always super quick about answering ASAP - I've had mixed results when I ordered from them and had issues afterwards. Hopefully they can answer before tomorrow's trunk show! If the bag was preorder they don't run your card for the first 30 days - so you may be borderline there too. Use a catchy urgent header in your message and hopefully Cristina will tend to it ASAP!