question about LVR (

  1. I was checking out the pocket paddy on their site and the price in euros (1125) without the VAT (because when shipped to the US that goes away, right?) came to 937 euros which is about $1,150 plus whatever shipping would be---this is a lot less than the retail US price of $1,620. Am I doing something mathematically wrong or is this a great deal?
  2. It's a great deal! You will have to pay duties on the bag when it's Fed-exed, but it still comes out a lot lower.
  3. I agree. You'll be saving a good chunk of change. I got my mousse large pocket paddy from another PF member who got it at LVR and I saved about $400 and that includes all the duties. Returns could potentially be be a hassle though. :wondering
  4. Yes, it is worth it if you are 100% that you love the bag- I would take a look at it in person here if you can and make sure you want is signicantly cheaper but their customer service is not great and going through the hassle of getting responses in a timely fashion and shipping it back overseas may not be worth it, unless you want to take your chances and sell it on the forum or on ebay! good luck!
  5. i just placed an order with them for the Alexander McQueen Novak. i have ordered from them before and it was fine. but there is some concern in case i want to return it. i can't find the bag here so i have no choice.
  6. It's much cheaper for you to order in Europe. For me being European it's the other way around. LVR is more expensive then the normal retail price. So I would just order there if the colour I want is not available at a Chloe shop. Go for it. A lot of the girls here did.
  7. I love the Novak. And not too many people have them, which is great. What color did you get?
  8. you should get one. a couple of us ordered one last night.

    i ordered the black one (though red would have been nice). not too exciting but i just got the muse in tan so one tan bag is enough for me (maybe i should have done the tan novak and the black muse, but whatever). i realized i like the structured bags more than the slouchy is less dressy (more jeans, heels and fun tops) so i kind of like the contrast.
  9. chigirl, you and I have very similar taste in bags. I actually own two Novaks: a black one and a brown one. LVR is calling the brown one that I have "tobacco". I didn't purchase it from LVR though, I got it from the McQueen boutique in NY.

    I'm a big fan of the Muse too. I have an large anthracite Muse and an oversized chocolate brown Yse (the Yse is like the Muse, same exact shape, but it has suede handles and suede piping down the middle of the bag; the lock is on the side of the bag).

    I think you made a good choice with the black Novak and the tan Muse. Black is probably my least favorite Muse color and I definitely prefer the black Novak over the black Muse. I think the black Novak will suit you better in the evening than the black Muse would have; it is much more versatile in terms of going from day to night and vice versa.

    I've definitely discovered that I am a fan of the more structured bags as well, and just like you mentioned, I love the contrast.

    Enjoy your new Novak!
  10. Great deal! I wish I had ordered two paddys when I ordered my whiskey. And my bag was perfect.
  11. angstofgumby -- thanks! i cancelled my order for the black muse. i have the tan in medium. it is a good size for me. i am small and not used to carrying large bags (though i do like the look of them). i may see if NM can get me the large since everyone seems to like that size. sounds like you have a great collection. i love the Yse...but a bit too much for me. maybe one day i will get there. the anthracite sounds pretty too. i am jealous.

    i am glad you like the novak(s). i don't know anyone who has one so that makes me feel better.

    i just reread my post. it doesn't really make sense. funny that you understood it.