Question about LV vs Dooney

  1. Hi all, I'm gonna ask a question and I hope I don't get flamed for it! :flowers:
    I don't mean to upset anyone, or tick anyone off. I truly just want to know:
    The question is what is the true difference between Dooney monogram type bags and LV mono?

    I know there are many on this site who **LOVE** LV. I find some of their bags quite cute too. However, I have been reading many of the boards and have found that many people who love LV also tend to bash Dooney & Burke. Now, I don't have any special feelings for Dooney. I think some of their bags are nice, but I don't own one myself, I did get one for my 13 year old recently, but that's besides the point.

    As I understand it, the lv mono bags are not leather (except for the trim) and neither are Dooneys, so why are Dooneys so looked down upon? I agree some of their prints are juvenile looking, but then LV has some of those "cutesie" prints as well. Aside from the fact that LV is made in France and extremely overpriced for the non-leather bags, what is the real difference? Personally I feel that dooney and coach are over priced as well for non leather items, though I prefer Coach as their styling is more mature...

    But generally, I'd rather spend a few hundred dollars on a leather bag, rather than canvas, I think that with leather at least you get workmanship for your $$$.

    Would love to hear all opinions on this.
  2. Oh, hon. You might want to duck right about now . . .

    That said, not all Dooney bags are canvas. Dooney made their name producing high-quality "all weather leather" bags. I'm not going to stick my toe in the river of LV vs Dooney, though. Them's dangerous waters.
  3. You raise a good question. :flowers:
    Many of people DO think that the bags are juvenile in D&B, but you are right. LV does have some juvenile looking bags. That being said, I think D&B is bashed mainly because it costs considerably less than LV.
  4. Leather is overrated as a handbag material. It's nice, but it actually is in many cases not as durable as coated canvas. There are LV steamer trunks made with coated canvas that have survived for over one hundred years.

    Sorry, but I just get irritated by the "why does it cost so much, it's not even leather!" argument. It doesn't "hold water", pun intended. The LV canvas bags are beautifully, impeccably made by skilled craftspeople in the US and the EU. D&B bags are made in China. This is where the cost difference originates.
  5. Hi Kezza, I know, that was a can of worms, wasn't it? ;) But hey, isn't tPF the right place to have a mature discussion such as this? (I hope so!)

    I really don't mean to offend anyone! I just want to make it clear.

    I just feel that in some cases, there may some Dooney styles that are liked by people that can't afford the pricier LV and they probably feel bashed on because of this. And I think (although I don't know for a fact, I may be totally off the wall here) that in reality, though some may disagree with this, dooneys may be a viable, lower priced alternative to the LV for the more frugal customer.

    I mean really, what is the reason that LV bags cost 3-5 times the Dooney cost? I'm not referring to the leather all weather dooneys or leather LV's. I mean the canvas dooneys vs the canvas LV's

    But I digress, this is where the (friendly) discussion should begin. :lol:
  6. Hi Jane, I appreciate your opinion. I believe that treated canvas may hold up very well, in fact. I bought my daughter a coated canvas dooney, and I hope it holds up well because she is tough on her stuff.

    I guess for me, it's more a matter of aesthetics. What I mean is that I love leather because it's natural, beautiful, soft, the kind I like is squooshy and luscious. But that's just my opinion, and I may be a purist. I just can't see a huge amount of value in something stiff, cold or vinyl feeling. I don't even like patent leather. Now before all the LV lovers gang up on me, that is just my feeling, I would never begrudge anyone their opinion. In fact, as I've said, I like some of the LV bags, I think their new Baggy denim line is very cute. And it looks soft and smooshy to me, so already I like it. I just have an aversion to spending such an obsene amount of $$$ on canvas. And does being made in US or EU really justify such a huge difference in price. Didn't some dooneys used to be made in the US? Even then the price difference was still huge. I think it's just how the bags are branded, and LV has done a great job of marketing toward the wealthier demographic.
  7. Let's compare:




    Above is the D&B double pocket tote in logo-embossed twill with leather trim, followed by the LV Hudson in mono coated canvas with leather trim. D&B is 13"W x 8"H x 5 1/4"D.
    and goes for $285 at Nordstrom; Hudson is a little smaller at 11.8" x 7.5" x 4" and is $1400 on eluxury.

    Although these are not exactly the same style of bag, I wanted to find a D&B in the understated canvas and an LV to somewhat match with the two outer pockets.

    The LV is just much more timeless, IMO. The LV mono has been around far longer than any D&B and I think that's part of the appeal of LV, along with the craftsmanship.

    Or a couple of buckets:

    vs. [​IMG]

    LV is $860; D&B is $195.

    I just prefer the LV mono canvas over the D&B canvas, but I did enjoy the AWL!

    Other thoughts?

  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. IMO there's really no comparison between DB and LV. The quality, longevity, and timelessness of LV has been proven over the years time and time again. DB monogram bags are IMO cheap knock offs of what LV made great long ago. Interesting thread though...interested to see where this goes.
  10. Pursegrrl, I agree. The LV canvas has so much history and prestige attached to it. It's not going anywhere, there always seems to be a huge demand for it and the rising prices only seem to make many people want it more. Even people who hate it tend to associate it with wealth and success (underserving or not:lol: ). The same cannot be said for D&B. The reality is that D&B does not get the same response as LV...

    LV stirs the emotions.:rolleyes: A woman can wear a very beautiful, expensive, unrecognizable leather bag (Gryson Leather Satchell) and get many pleasant close-ended compliments. Yet she can wear a less expensive bag in LV canvas (Speedy 25) and it can cause a mass psychological/sociological ruckus...first, the staring...then, the silent appraisals...then, the snide remarks...the silent judgements ("Another spoiled brat" or "Can she really afford that? I think not...) It can cause heated car ride/dinner discussions unwitnessed by the LV carrier.:upsidedown:
  11. I love LV and currently own five bags and currently I do not own any D&B bags, but seen some on their website. Some of them are real cute, not the ones geared for young teenie boppers mind you. LOL!! But the AWL would be nice. I do think they are taking many styles from LV anyway they can, especially with the D&B logos everywhere.
  12. OMG Buttery I am laughing sooooo hard right now!!! I could not have said it better myself!!!:roflmfao:

  13. And I'm sure some will get irritated with MY next be honest, it really is all in the name. And people know this...after all they constantly scream the same thing about Hermes bags costing so much. So, yes, the reason the LV costs more is not that there is necessarily better craftsmanship, but it is the name.
  14. Um having logos is not something that is patented by LV. Most brands have one logoed bag. That doesn't mean Dooney is taking styles from LV.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  15. I agree, I like the LV bags in those pics better than the dooney. The thing about the dooneys is that they come in so many colors within each style. here are some more in other colors - some color combinations look better than others.


    Here is a similar 2 pocket bag. It looks cute.


    As I mentioned, I am not such a huge Dooney fan, I just feel that they are more reasonably priced for a similar loo and feel. IMHO. :upsidedown: