Question about LV Service at Holt Renfrew

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  1. Just out of curiousity and for future reference, but I was wondering if it was true that Louis Vuitton stores do not call their other stores on the weekends to check for available inventory?

    I was looking for a Eugenie wallet yesterday and this SA told me that their boutique was completely sold out of all the Epi and Monogram and she didnt have a picture to show me. She didn't seem to want and check I "trust" that she knew her inventory.

    Then when my friend asked if they could call this other boutique located 15-20 minutes away, she told me that "LV stores don't call on the weekends because they very busy."

    My friend asked her again ... "I guess Friday counts as a weekend too?"

    And she looks me in the eye and quickly says "well yah"
    I looked around and there were less than 10 people at her store. My friend looked at her in disbelief but I just shrug it off because it's not a big deal

    I was trying to be pleasent and I was honestly okay with it at first, but as I left the store empty handed -I couldnt help but feel insulted that she made me feel like I was bothering her because I wanted to buy something.

    So, I had to ask, is it true? That LV boutiques don't make phone calls on Fridays and the weekends?
  2. Not that I am aware of... my SAs and SM ALWAYS call no matter what day or time it is if I want something...

    They could at least get your name and number and call you back once they get a chance to call
  3. Well I certainly do NOT believe that there's a policy stating: "no calling other LV stores on (near) weekends". However, it is true that when they're busy, the store to where you are calling often may not pick up.
    What my SA does is that she emails the manager at the other store and once she gets a response, she calls me.
  4. Can I ask which LV Holt's you went too?! I find the SA's at the Yorkdale location tend to 'snub' the younger buyers, as if they can't afford it. The Bloor St LV Holt's SA's are def. much nicer and more helpful!

    BTW, I was at the LV Holt's Bloor yesterday and they have the Mono Eugenie on display with the Neverfulls...
  5. is this the yorkdale Holt?
    you can always call the LV # direct and they should look for you (this always helps for me, as they wouldn't say "no")
  6. ^this was the Vancouver Holts. I agree they do get a little busy on the weekends, but on that particular day it seemed pretty quiet. However, I'll just take my business to the other LV store.

    Thanks girls for the help!:flowers: