question about LV repairs

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  1. I received a pair of LV Evidence Glasses as a gift. However one of the "arms" of the glasses is sort of loose it seems like. I want to go get it tightened. How much would this cost me? Is it even possible? And would I just take it to the store and they fix it right there? fill me in. thanks guys!
  2. anyone?:confused1:
  3. I have never got mine done but definitely bring it into the store and they'll advice you on whether it's doable and charges if any. Good luck!

  4. Take them to the store. They should be able to fix them for you. My Soupcon glasses started to feel loose, and they were tightened for free.
  5. thanks for the reply!:biggrin: Do I need to bring the receipt? Because they were given to me as a gift:smile:

  6. You shouldn't need a receipt. I didn't because my store knows me on sight! :P