Question about LV RECEIPTS! HELP!

  1. I really like the receipts with the picture of the old truck/cart on them. Not all receipts have this image. Is there any logic to this? Specifically, I want to know whether the LV store in King of Prussia, PA would have this type of receipt regardless (or whether you get it depending on which SA you get or purchase you make)? I have a few things I want to purchase, but the receipt to me is as much part of the experience, and I want to make sure I get what I want! Any ideas? DO ALL LV boutiques give the same receipt format or no?:shrugs:
  2. To give you some background, I was a young inexperienced shopper in an LV boutique in Milan:blink: . I walked out with a very bad experience:cursing: (I am sure they couldnt wait to have me out of the store :censor: since I looked like an American College kid :cutesy: - little did they know:devil: ...), having purchased an epi wallet, I got no box, no nothing. That service was enough to swear off LV for 6 years! I haven't been into an LV store in America - only in Europe. Not sure whether I want to walk in and get treated the same way, and I'd like to know what I can expect!
    I want the receipt with the picture on it darnit!!!!!:hysteric:
  3. Those receipts that you mentioned are older and LV just uses the plainer looking receipts now.... Sorry you had a bad experience, but give the LV stores another try.....
  4. I liked the look of the old receipts... :yes:
  5. in the department sores, it is just the receipt from the store... In Canada, you just get a Holt Renfrew Receipt that says VUITTON for the item.
  6. I notice the new receipts for the last 2 years. Glad I keep most of them and I do like older versions with the carriage watermark.
    Give LV another chance. Hopefully you are wiser now and not allow a SA to treat you poorly.
  7. If I were you I'd give LV another chance, as of yet I've never had a bad experience (touch wood), even last time when I was EXTREMELY nervous about walking in wearing sweatpants:push:
  8. Honestly, I feel a little uncomfortable saying what reciepts look like from which stores. I'm not saying anything negative about you but we just had a case of someone here asking for receipts for no other reason than the use them to sell fake bags. Like I said, nothing against you but I just don't feel comfortable answering this one. :sad:
  9. Fair enough. Not that I need to prove my integrity or motivations to a complete stranger, I don't like to be put in a class of people who have the time to sit and doctor an image to create a fake receipt - I have better things to do. Its funny that you mention fake receipts though, I was looking at 2 bags last night both had the receipt I want, but for some reason one FELT more authentic to me than the other. I won't ask you how you can tell a fake apart from a real, I'll just go with my gutt!
    The reason for the inquiry was nostalgia and regret of times gone by and wallets having been so empty - I got this type of receipt from the LV boutique in Milan in 2001 during spring break [ got yelled at by mom & dad for spending so much!], and obviously, couldn't afford anything after that. After finishing my undergrad and now having completed the MBA in Finance and Accounting, I can afford to buy myself the stuff I'd been refraining from. Unfortunately, I am finding that the receipts do not look as aesthetically pleasing (it's as much part of the LV experience to me as the actual bag itself) as what I got in 2001, and what I am now hearing is no longer available. Story of my life, everything I like eventually becomes discontinued, and I miss the boat AGAIN!
  10. Plus, I don't know how to doctor images. If I can browse the net, check email, turn my pc on and off, I'm a happy camper! XLS (MS Excel) is my domain, but anything to do with imaging/photoshop/editor whatever they use these days, I don't even think they're on my machine!
  11. I never got an lv receipt...All mine are Macy's receipts or Bloomingdale's....
  12. I was so excited for that valentines card or that paper koala reciept holder, but I didn't get one. :sad:
  13. Sorry you feel that you need to be defensive and explain yourself in such detail even after I said "nothing negative about you" in my orig. post.

    Hope you find the receipt your looking for :smile:
  14. I bought a ton of things in Jan and Feb. and didn't get one either. I was sooooo irritated!
  15. I don't think they make those anymore! They were good looking ones!