Question about LV perforated

  1. Does anyone know when the perforated line will be discontinued?
  2. It's already discontinued;)
  3. So grab it while it's still here !! :graucho:
  4. Yup..the fuchsia (especially the smaller accessories) are the hardest to find. My store actually has all 3 speedies in and a couple pochettes, as well as the pochette plate.
  5. If there's something you like go for it!
  6. I hope it's been discontinued! :throwup: I find it so super tacky and un-classic of Louis Vuitton, in fact very un-Louis Vuitton. Can you imagine Audrey Hepburn, a noted LV fan, carrying something like that? How can Marc Jacobs want to damage the Toile Monogram like that???? It saddens me! It was just as bad as that Sprouse Graffiti thing they had. HIDEOUS! I am personally a fan of the classic un-tainted monogram, epi and damier! :crybaby:
  7. lol i actually felt the same way absolutanne felt when i saw the perfo line. now, i think it's ok, bt i really dont think i would ever own anything from that line.. the cles pretty cute though. to each his/her own though.
  8. I like the holes just not the color. I mean the hole effect makes it look really cool. The color makes it like :wtf: what were they thinking