question about LV Multicolore Trouville

  1. Hey. Just wondering if the Louis Vuitton Multicolore Trouville comes in 2 sizes? cause i spotted a lady wearing a small tiny version which i thought was very cute.. or is it fake??
  2. it's fake :lol:. the Trouville only has ONE size
  3. As far as I know, MC Trouville only comes in 1 size.
  4. :yes: :yes: ..
  5. wow. must have been a really good fake.
    I even managed to get a close look at it since the lady was sitting at the next table.. and honestly, it did look good
    it was really cute though in that small size :smile:.. shame
  6. How small was it?

    Trouvilles seem like really small bags to me.
  7. maybe what you saw MIGHT have been the Multicolore Mini Sac HL :shrugs:

    but then if she'd been at the next table you'd have spotted the difference anyway :P
  8. That thought did creep into my mind.. but i am pretty sure that it was the LV Multicolore Trouville.. the lady placed the bag on an empty chair next to her so it was partially blocked by her.. but i got a good look at it when she was walking towards her table.. but well, i could be wrong also. I just thought the bag was seriously cute..
  9. Yep, just 1 size.