Question about LV Monogram Vernis Agenda

  1. I just purchase the LV Monogram Vernis small agenda in Pomme D'Amour. It is absolutely beautiful (I love red). But, here's my questions, is it going to wear well being handled and carried around in my purse? I'm a little nervous about it and am thinking maybe I should have bought the monogram canvas instead. Any thoughts? Thanks! :confused1:
  2. I think the vernis is pretty durable, I have a key case in amarante and the outer body is definitely like new, I've had it since July. I wouldn't personally worry about scratches or dings, but I think there are other members who have said they didn't like taking care of it?
    There are a ton of agenda threads in the LV forum, you should do a search for it, I've been reading about agendas for the past two weeks while trying to make my decision D:
  3. Thanks! I'll check the LV forum too.
  4. It will age very well. Just keep in mind that it is very vulnerable to color transfer so don't have in rubbing against newspaper or anything that is likely to rub off on it.
  5. Thanks. I also just read on the LV Thread that you can clean it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. They showed before/after pictures using it on their Vernis handbag and the after was beautiful!

    Thanks for everyone's help!