Question about LV marking on Galliera PM DA Canvas...

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  1. Hi Everyone, I am trying to learn about LV's and I came across something that boggles my mind a bit ...

    Here is a stock photo I found of the LV Galliera PM in Damier Azur Canvas (pictured on the left)


    And here are a couple of pictures I borrowed from the Club Galliera thread:



    The LV marking on the Damier Azur canvas is not at the correct spot in the stock photo. The first row of squares on the top of the bag towards the vachetta looks off in the stock photo as well.

    Is the bag in the stock photo a fake? I did not know that the LV marking position on the canvas of bags can change? Let me know your thoughts :smile:

  2. Yes, the LV positioning on bags can differ. It is all dependent upon where the canvas is cut when making the bag.

    Hope that makes sense..... :smile:
  3. Thanks so much for your response! Now I have no idea how to tell the difference between real and fakes now if that is the case! Don't know how our experts in the ATLV thread does it! They are the best!
  4. The older galliera has the placement as in the stock photos.