Question about LV Logo on mono wearing off......

  1. My oldest LV which I have had for about 10 years is losing the gold on the logo. In other words, it is fading, particulary in the areas where it gets rubbed against things the most. Is there anything I can do or is this just a characteristic of LV monos once the get some age on them? I have carried it a lot so it's not a lightly used bag.
  2. Sounds like normal wear, if you've used this bag for 10 yrs.
  3. Fading of the Monogram print will occur over time...
  4. I have a speedy from the late 80s and she's definately alot more faded than my deauville who's about 3...and then again my deauville is slightly lighter than my groom cles thats like 2wks's a screen's suppose to fade...:yes:
  5. Sounds like normal wear to me too. It's bound to happen to any bag.