question about LV locks/keys

  1. Can someone pls tell me which number lock goes with the deauville? I just got a great condition pre owned one but alas it has no lock, I want to use it as carry on luggage so I would like a lock as I will be travelling on trains aswell when I reach my destination.

    Also can I buy a replacement lock direct from LV without buying a luggage item first? I have never bought one before as all my bags with locks have come with the locks. I also need a replacement key for my dhanura yoga bag, as I've lost it so I thought I might kill 2 birds with one still while I'm there.

    I've seen some locks on eBay...are there fake locks? I don't mind buying used but I don't want to end up with a fake one! How much are replacement locks from LV? Just curious about the price difference compared to the ones on eBay.

    Many thanks in advance for any help/advice
  2. I don't think there is a specific number for a specific bag. I think the older the bag the lower the number on the lock.
    Ive never tried to buy a lock by itself from LV but when I lost my key I took the lock back and they gave me a free key (only if they still have the matching number) and offered me a new lock for $35, I think. Cant remember the exact price.
    Some of the locks in eBay are real. Have it authenticated if you are unsure.
  3. oh ok I assumed the locks were different sizes. The one on my yoga bag which is 309 looks huge, the one on my cherry blossom pap looked tiny, but I can't compare as I sold the pap.

    The lock on my yoga bag is locked and on the zipper so I would have to take the whole bag to the store to get a replacement key and the bag is huge and bright mandarin colour :p
  4. ooo just remembered my cruiser has a lock...gonna go try it now on my deauville and see if it fits! BRB

    ETA: Ok so the cruiser lock fits on the deauville and it's exactly the same size as the locked lock on my yoga bag so I guess I can get any number lock for the deauville.
  5. The number doesn't refer to the size of the lock, it refers to the key. The locks are all the same size, but a 308 has a key that is a 308 key. This means if you buy a keepall and get a 308 key then 2 yrs later you buy a pegase 55, if you ask for a 308 lock (presuming they have one in stock) then your key from your keepall will work on the new 308 lock for the pegase. Thus if you get all the same number on all of your locks, you only ever need one key to open them all.

    And yes you can buy locks from LV without purchasing a new luggage type piece. I don't know the price but they will sell it to you. I misplaced my lock to my keepall but I never lock it so I haven't bothered to look for it or replace it. I have another lock from my deauville but I dont use it either.
  6. my sa gave me a free lock when i explained my fear of losing the one that came with my speedy.....

    maybe if you ask, they will give you one for free?if not, I'm sure they can sell it to you.
  7. I bought a lock/keys at LV a couple of months ago -- I think it was $38.00 - cheaper than the ones on ebay.
  8. thanks, thats good to know. I bought a 309 key for my yoga bag lock on ebay for £7.95 GBP which I thought was quite reasonable. I think I'll pick up a new lock for the deauville next time I'm at the LV store rather than pay $50 or so on Ebay.
  9. Realize this is an older thread. Went to the boutique on Saturday to get a new key for a Speedy lock that was attached to the bag. They said it would need to be cut off and a new set of lock/keys would be $30.

    After emptying my bag out (I was using it that day), they did have a key which opened it up vs. cutting it off. But they did not have any spare keys for this particular lock - still stuck with purchasing a full set.

    Since I don't use the lock anyway, I passed.