Question about LV line up

  1. okay, so i was looking at my black MC pochette wallet that i got yesterday AT Louis Vuitton. and then i was looking on let-trade and noticed that the LVs are not in the same place. i thought that all pieces that were the same model were supposed to be basically the same. what i mean is the rows of LV's on mine are at different levels than the rows of LV's on let-trade's. if you still dont get what im saying(dont blame you) look at where the front snap is.... look to the left and right.... on let-trade's you will see LV's, but on mine, you only see fleurs. am i just being anal or is that odd?
    lmcaxv02sm.jpg 230814480_772706686_0 (2).jpg
  2. There are a few different color patterns for the MC line.
  3. i don't have one so i don't really know, sometimes the placements aren't exact...but if you bought yours at LV you can be assured it is authentic (if you were questioning authenticity) but otherwise, if it bothers you, you can always return it for a different one.
  4. i don't think she's talking about colors, i think she's talking about placement.
  5. ^^^ thanks. yeah, i was more concerned with the placement.
  6. Ahhh... my apologies.

    Perhaps there was a recent change in the placement?
  7. They might have changed the alignment since 2007.
  8. ^ no worries. lol. but i was also questioning whether the SA gave me the display model. on the way home i decided to switch out my wallet. i looked at the snap closure and it had slight scratches on it. very slight, but just the same, i dont want one that was on display.
  9. hmmm, i didnt think of that.
  10. Yeah the alignment was tweaked a bit recently, I believe. Also, it depends on who it was made by and where; different locations can have different standards to go by.
    As long as you bought it from the store, you're ok.
  11. Mine is the same as yours.
  12. The placement is defintely different. Eluxury and have the LVs to the right and left of the snap. I would take the wallet back and look at a couple others they have and compare then decide. LV usually makes each model exact in pattern placement UNLESS LV has changed the placement on that style wallet. Is it possible that the factory was a little off with production of that specfic wallet. You pay so much $$$ for the multilcore pochette wallets, make sure you get a perfect one! Check the inventory at the store you bought this one from to be sure.
  13. Thanks everyone....

    LVBABYDOLL: mine says that it was made in france. but i guess if they tweaked it recently then i'll be fine with it.

    Narkeasha: im glad that mine isnt the only one like it then. lol

  14. Oh...I see what you mean. Do you like one better than the other?
  15. Eek.. I would definitely go back and look at some other ones, because you could run into problems if you decide to sell it later on.