Question About LV Fakes

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  1. First, let me say that I would never buy a fake bag. I'll get a second-hand bag on Ebay before I'd ever buy a fake LV bag (or any fake bag).

    I was doing some Internet research into websites that sell fakes, to try to determine just how accurate the fakes are to the originals. (I don't want to end up getting scammed on Ebay).

    I noticed that the pictures of LV bags shown on the "fakes" or "replicas" websites are absolutely identical to pics of authentic LV bags.

    Now, I'm thinking that an LV FAKE could NOT possibly be that accurate. Do these websites show pics of AUTHENTIC LV bags and then send out something that looks different? I'm guessing that this is the case.

    Everything in the pics is correct down to the last detail. I'm sure they got those pics off of the LV website or stole them from an authentic LV dealer on Ebay. (I know that they sometimes steal Ebayers' pics of authentic LV bags.)

    "Replicas" cannot possibly look IDENTICAL to the real LV bags, right? These websites that sell fakes must be doing a "bait and switch", correct?

    IF fake bags do indeed look IDENTICAL to REAL LV bags, then I don't know how I'd ever be able to tell the difference. I do know about date codes and have read the articles about how to spot a fake bag.

    I just wondered if anyone happened to have any info on this subject. Thanks!
  2. There are different levels of fakes (from very cheap and obvious, on up to ones that cost around half or 2/3s of what a real one would that are very hard to tell). My guess is that you saw either the "good" fakes or they actually did use LV's photos.

    My first two (pre-owned from a consignment shop) "LV" items were fakes so I would never pay eBay prices (sometimes the same or more as in the LV store as they hold their value so well). I'd rather buy direct from LV and know it's authentic.

    If you really want to buy on eBay or such, you can get the bag authenticated here.
  3. Ask the seller to provide you pictures of the bag at different angles. Make sure pictures are not blurry. It's not so worth it if you receive a fake bag and has to dispute it
  4. Agreed! They are very helpful in the Auth. You have to be patient because it seems like they get about 100 requests per day if not more. This was how I purchased my first LV. You also have to do your own research too (and judgement) because in the end YOU will be paying for it. GOOD LUCK OP!:smile:
  5. Yes, some of the fakes are very close to the original. I have seen a couple that if I hadn't had authentics to compare side by side, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. That's why I tend to purchase directly from LV whenever possible because, the fakes can be that close. I have also seen the replica sites steal LV photos AND the description box from LV. I find that looking at the bottoms of the bags and comparing that to authentic pics and the date codes are the best way to tell. The canvas is pretty much spot on as is alot of the hardware. But, the replica people don't seem to pay as much attention to the bottom of the bag or the placement and actual date code.
  6. This is so interesting ! Man it's a strange world out there.
  7. I've watched those youtube video comparisons and the replica will only have like 1 or 2 things off that the average Joe wouldn't even notice unless they are an expert authenticator. Scary indeed. I just purchase new from LV and pre loved from reputable sites like fashonfile because of the return policy and money back guarantee. I'm sure there are probably some fakes floating around there and other resell sites too that slipped through the cracks. Fakes are everywhere-really good ones.