Question about LV boutique on Herald Square at NYC

  1. Do you know if the Louis Vuitton boutique in Macy*s in Herald Square (in New York City) offer the same selection of handbags and accessories as any other Louis Vuitton boutique? Or is their selection more limited? Is the Macy*s Louis Vuitton boutique different from any other Louis Vuitton boutique? If so, in what ways?

    I am planning a trip to New York City sometime in October, I have a a three hundred dollar gift card for Macy*s, and I have been eyeing the Speedy 30 for a while. Since I am planning on purchasing this Louis Vuitton piece new for once (as opposed to buying it used from eBay), I would like to receive everything a regular Louis Vuitton boutique would offer (i.e. excellent customer service, a big brown gift box, a shopping bag, etc.). It would be awesome if I could simultaneously purchase a gorgeous, timeless handbag and rid myself of the gift card (and the cutting of the cost from around $700 to $400 does not hurt my cause either).

    Thanks, tPF :smile:!
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    LOL, after reviewing the post, a more important question to ask is "Do they even take Macy*s gift cards?"
  2. since the Macy's boutique is so small, the selection is a little more limited than the flagship store on 5th Ave. but they still have a lot of bags there if you ask them :yes:. i go there everytime i'm in the city, and they've nearly always had what i wanted.
  3. Thanks, Sandra :yes:.
  4. It is smaller than other LV boutiques but you should have no problem getting a Speedy 30 there. If you were looking for a more unusual piece then I'd say you might have trouble.

    I've only been once and compared to LV boutiques, it was pretty crowded/noisy and the service was not great -- SAs were just standing around not offering to help anyone. I was there on a Saturday though so maybe if you go during a less busy time, it will be better.

    But if you have a $300 gift card, I think it's definitely worth going! I have some Macys gift cards too so I'll be making a trip there soon. :yes: