Question about LV belts

  1. Silly Question :shame:
    I'm planning on buying the mono ellipse belt from elux for my fiancee, but I don't know what size to buy for him! His waist is a 33, so should I buy the 80,85,90,95, or 100 cm belt?
  2. get him the 85
  3. That's WRONG!!! I don't mean to sound like I am being rude but I don't want the thread starter to make a mistake. I am a 32 waist and I wear a 90cm and it is a little small, so for your fiance - do a 95cm!!
  4. Thanks!!
  5. Another question about belts. I would love to invest in a belt my myself and quite like the black leather with the LV buckle and also the monogram looks cute. Does anyone who has that the black leather belt wear with jeans or is it a more formal belt for pants? Also, what are the prices for them? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. yes Very correct
    95cm so the belt would fit perfect
  7. I'm a size 28-30 waist... so would a 90 fit me best?
  8. 33inches is 83.82cm, so logic would suggest that 85 would be cool. But if a 90 is small for you and you're a 32, then, do LV belts just come up small then?
  9. I have a LV belt... when I go home I'll measure my waist and see how my comparisons go. IMO, all the designer belts (LV, Gucci) run quite small.

    I have the Monogram unisex cut belt (eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Monogram Canvas Belt) and I have it in a size 32in(80cm). It JUST fits... and in clothes I wear a size 2 or 4. In the same vein, my BF is a 34 and I got him the 34in(85) belt and it's too small. So.... I'd strongly suggest he tries them on... if not, definitely go a size up. I'll measure when I get home, though.
  10. YES!! I agree, my dad's a 33-34 and he wears 95 cuz LV makes the belts smaller than normal:yes:
  11. I think so
  12. dad refuses to pose.....cuz......he says he needs to lose weight lol, but here's a pic of just the belt. It's a really nice belt! I love how "soft" it is
  13. Thanks CEC, It looks fab. It is a unisex belt isn't it?

    its , like, $.99 at a rag shop or cloth store. save yourself the trouble of guessing, and measure him! ninety nine cents can't steer you wrong!
  15. ya it's unisex:yes: