Question about LV agendas

  1. If I purchase the LV agenda, does it include a set of note paper inside?

    I'm looking to buy the Vernis off Elux, but I'm unsure if I should include a set of refills in the order as well.

    Thanks in advance! :P
  2. refills are seperate and are very pricey but there are cheaper alternatives from filofax and dayrunner
  3. the note paper is included with the complete refill set, but you have to buy the refill and agenda separately
  4. Yes the refills are seperate, but all 2006 refills are free right now. If your local LV store or NM store have them they will give you a set free.
  5. when you buy an agenda it doesnt come with anything.
  6. Thanks everyone! :smile:
    I'm gonna put in the order and get the refills as well:P
  7. my refills were only $24.00 but I got the basic set not the "complete" which i think was $64 or something like that.
  8. IMO, there' s nothing like the LV inserts; I must get the full set, because I love the little stickers and need the monthly calendar that stretches out over 2 pages. I was told the partial set was $58 and full set $64, so I opted for full set... I also use Daytimer and other sets for other work agendas, etc. but the LV's are the best I've ever had. (of course...); paper is fabulous to write on...