Question about Luxe Ligne Bowler 11 series?

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  1. I was at my favorite consignment shop and saw a beautiful luxe bowler in a metallic kakhi color which I haven't seen before (I've seen the bronze and the very bright silver, this was neither).
    The store is known for carrying authentic items only and this one looked and felt authentic. Unfortunately I don't have photos to post in the Authenticate This thread.

    I just have a few questions for the experts -
    Did/does this color exist? (lining is black leather)
    Does it make sense that the hologram sticker starts with 11? (I thought they were 10 series bags but I could certainly be mistaken)
    Is it strange that the hologram sticker is inside (in the middle) of the inner patch pocket? It actually looks like the sticker fell off and was then transferred there but is intact.

    I know I shouldn't even be looking at other bags right now but I would appreciate your help:tender:
    Thank you!!
  2. my metallic black flap is a 10 series, 1073 are the 1st 4 numbers of mine
  3. Thank you, Swanky!
    Is there anyone who has this in an 11 series?:confused1: The bag was beside 2 others luxe bowlers in different colors that I'm sure are authentic (though quite used) and it seemed similar in every way except for the sticker
  4. hipnycmom -- I have the flap in khaki, but it has a beige leather lining and is also a 10 series bag starting with 1090. Mine is from Fall 06. My bag looks more bronze than khaki, but khaki is the official Chanel color name on the tag. Maybe there was a lighter version as well??
  5. Thanks jayjay. The color is like a metallic dark beige, definitely lighter than the bronze. I believe I saw a couple of the flap version on ebay maybe a year or so ago but I can't be sure.
  6. My metallic black bowler is an 11 series.. it starts with 1101 :smile:
  7. Oh yey! May I ask where the hologram sticker is located? Thanks a lot jennot!
  8. It might be the dark silver, I've seen pictures of it and in some lights it looks like it could be a more muted beige than the bronze.
  9. Hm, I guess mine is where it's supposed to be, at the bottom corner next to the cell phone pocket..
  10. Thanks ladies! I guess I'll have to take a closer look tomorrow. I have no idea why the hologram sticker is where it is :hrmm::wondering. The authenticity card does look like the real deal
  11. take some under cover pics and post them!
  12. I was thinking dark silver too. But the hologram location is weird.
  13. I'll try Swanky! I asked the store owner to put the bag on hold for me yesterday. She absolutely guarantees it is authentic but I don't want to take it home if there's a chance it isn't.

    I do think it's the Dark Silver:smile:
  14. fieryfashionist has a dark silver bowler. You should PM her and ask her to check the placement of the hologram.
  15. I have the DS Luxe Bowler and the hologram sticker is located inside the interior zip pocket. My hologram sticker starts with 11 and it is from Cruise 07.