Question about luxe bowler

  1. I'm new to chanel obsession and I want to know since when they have been producing Luxe Bowler and whether you guys think it will be a classic. thank you so much!:heart:
  2. It is avaliable in patent this season.
  3. It's been available since at least very early last year, maybe earlier I just didn't know about it then - probably Winter '05.
    Yes, I think it's Classic enough, it's not a "Timeless Classic" but it's not something that will look too dated anytime soon IMO.
  4. Not to hijack this thread... :rolleyes:, but I just have the same question(s) to PST, since I'm considering to buy one. Can anyone kindly educate me? Many thanks~~
  5. ^it's a Timeless Classic, will not be going anywhere and will remin a true classic.
  6. Sorry I am new to Chanel too...can anyone tell me if the Luxe Bowler is carrying over to A/W 07?