Question about Luna Boston

  1. It sure looks like Black but hey, it doesn't hurt to call and ask! :tup:
  2. They might display the black but only have the grey in stock left? Does that make sense? Calling would be a good idea, Sara is very helpful :smile:
  3. Doesn't the black only have gold hardware? I saw this bag, also, but then I saw the silver hardware and assumed that it was grey. I've never seen a black one with the silver hardware, but I also haven't been searching for her bags for that long.
  4. it looks grey on my computer....but it does look darker than most of the grey pix Ive seen
  5. It is definitely the Dark Gray. The color changes in the light, and IMO, is gorgeous
  6. Yep.....I'd say it was Dark Grey.

    With silver HW....stunning combo!
  7. OP: Did you want it to be black or dark gray? Just curious