Question About Luggage Tag And Heat Stamping

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  1. What size is better for the handbags (lockit hor. and bag hor.) Also colors for the initials, will; the gold flake off? And how much are they, thought i read somewhere they were around 25 dollars, one said said yes ( but out of stock) other store in stock for small size but wanted 39.00 dollars (is this the new price)
    Many thanks
  2. The lh is a great bag and although it has longer handles it can still be carried by hand, not always on the shoulder. The bh is great but it has no zipper, and the straps are flat. I just pruchased the lh last week and I am loving it, only problem is that it has a vachetta bottom. As far as the lettering my SA told me it was free. I had them do a luggage tag for me, and I am waiting for it to come in. When you go to the store they show you all the colors and how they will look on the leather. It is imporantt to remember that if you're doing it on vachetta, the vachetta will get dark, and some colors might not look good on the aged vacheta, hope this helps.
  3. I just got a couple of luggage tags which were heat stamped and the smaller ones are AU$53. The gold lettering shouldn't flake off, I've never had a problem. Personally I think the smaller tag looked cuter on my speedy 30s but have a play with both sizes so you choose the one that you like most :yes:

  4. i agree with TFFC... i got a small tag for my speedy too :yahoo: