Question about love full bracelet or cuff

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  1. I am debating on these two, I m the kind of person who has to take off all jewelry at bedtime . So cuff seems the right choice to me . I tried the cuff in the store , SA recommended size 17. It sits at my wrist , if I move it above wrist on the arm, when I turn my arm it won’t turn with the arm ..... a bit annoying . Any suggestions ? Thank you
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  2. Do you mean that the opening gets caught on your arm?
    I have the cuff in the same size and this happens only when i move it about 3 cm up from my wrist bone. I agree that would be annoying so now I only wear it at my wrist. I still have plenty of room to stack it with my JUC closer to my hand. The cuff is not meant to be worn like a bangle in the way that the classic bracelet is. You could try sizing up but when I tried the larger size, I felt like it would fall off my arm by twisting and half coming off so I opted for the 17 and 9 months in I'm very happy with it!
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  3. I have a size 17 cuff on my 16 cm wrist. I wear it close to my wrist, and it doesn’t bother me one bit. The cuff shouldn’t be loose like the bangle. I think people are unhappy with the cuff when they buy one too large, because the SA doesn’t show the customer how to put it on properly. You don’t put on a cuff by jamming the side of the wrist through the opening. Instead, place one end into the soft part of the inside of the wrist and pull it over the rest of the way. There are videos on YouTube for how to put on a cuff bracelet, but not one specifically for the Love. I think I need to make one myself with my Love cuff. I think they would fly out of the jewelry case if the SAs would show people how to easily put them on. Good luck with your purchase.
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  4. What is the difference in size between your cuff and JUC? Thanks.
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  5. That’s true; I posted that video on here. Can’t seem to find it though...
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  6. My cuff is a 17, and the JUC that fits me is a 16. I don’t want the JUC moving around much worn with the cuff.
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  7. My cuff is a size 17 and the JUC a 16. :smile:
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