Question about Louboutins

  1. Do ALL Louboutins run with a signature red sole? I saw this pair I really really really really love on Ebay (love the price too!) but there are no signature red soles so I'm wondering about the authencity. However, the logo and whatnots inside the shoes look perfectly fine to me.

  2. What style was it?

  3. I have no idea what style they are.. but here are a couple of photos.

    Think they might be authentic?
    ea_12_sb.JPG 86_12_sb.JPG
  4. I THINK all louboutins have the red sole. I'm not 100% sure though.
  5. i thought they all have the red soles too.....actually i can't tell!
  6. Dancing_Queen & Mischa, that's what I thought so too! I really like how these look, but the red soles are missing :s
  7. All my Louboutins have red soles, even the flat/wedge ones!
  8. I think they are fake because they don't have the Louboutin stamp at the bottom. I thought all the louboutin has the name stamped at the bottom.
  9. these are probably fake. even louboutin espadrilles have the red sole.
  10. all louboutin shoes have a red sole.
  11. I have flat sandals and they have the red soles.
  12. I think all Louboutins have red soles, but those look like they might be an older model... :shrugs:
  13. Red Soles are a must with Louboutins.
  14. Some of the older Louboutins do not have the red sole. I think that is what started making them a hit last year . . . all the new ones I have seen have the red sole because now that seems what sets them apart - and the prices have gone up crazy! Most are now $700 - $800! They are more comfy than my manolos tho!
  15. That's what the signature is. The red sole.