Question about Lonnie flats

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  1. I bought Lonnie flats (I bought them in Black and Punch)on sale plus my PCE. At the time, they didn't have my size and I couldn't try them on. (I've never bought Coach shoes before). I had tried on a size 8 and they were tight so I thought the 8 1/2 would fit perfect. When I received them and tried them on, my big toes were touching the end when I walked.

    Do the Lonnie flats run true to size or not? My sister was able to try them in both her size and the next half size up since she had the same dilema but the half size up was too big for her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :tup:

    I did call their 888 number and they told me that they have the black ones in size 9 available but the Punch ones are on backorder. I would go back to the store I bought them at but it's out of the way for me. I did go to Macy's Union Square and tried some other Coach shoes. I bought a pair of signature flats in a size 8 1/2 since size 9 was too big but a pair of flip flops in a size 9. I'm so confused! If they do run true to size, I will just keep them. I'll just deal with them since they are sooo cute! If they don't, then I will make the trek back to that store or try to exchange them in the city. I'm just afraid they won't have the Punch ones anymore...
  2. i think they run pretty true to size. but, of course, mine have been sitting in my closet for months, lol.

    maybe if you wear some thick socks and wear them around the house for a few hours? that might help- that's what i do.
  3. Thanks kallison for the idea! I'll go look for some thick socks and try it out! :biggrin:
  4. mine run true to size. usually they run big but ive only tried mine on so i am assuming that with use they will stretch out