Question About Longchamp Pliage Size

  1. I have 30 cm birkins and 32 cm kellys. Will either one fit comfortably inside a medium Pliage tote? WIll I be able to bend the handles inward slightly so as to zipper up, as in the case of a 35 cm birkin in a large Pliage? Although I am not fond of huge totes, would I be better off getting a large tote for all my birins and kellys?

    I saw some Longchamp Pliages listed on eBay. Their stated dimensions seem to be different than the ones on the Longchamp website. Are these bags the same in reality?
    (Background info:
    Longchamp site: Large 17 1/3"LX14"HX9"W, Medium 13"LX12 2/3"HX7 1/2"W
    eBay listings: Large 19"LX12"H, Medium 15"LX10"HX5.5"W)

    Please share your experience and opinion. Thanks!
  2. I have a 32 cm Kelly and got the large Longchamp from their site. It was the custom model. The bags on the site, have different dimensions from the those sold non-Internet, per a message on their site.

    I also have a medium custom Longchamp and my Kelly almost fits... but the Kelly's handle is too close to the zippered top. I sure wish the medium Pliage were an inch or so taller because I like the medium size for everyday use better... well not "every" day but for the beauty shop, rainy days, etc.

    They say:
    "Attention !
    This PliageTM has a specific size for the Internet sale. Its dimensions correspond to the quotations indicated on the plan above."

    The ones on eBay probably were bought in a store. I believe you can tell by the stripe down the front. I believe that design is only for the online version.

    Here is a link to the online store:
    At the bottom right of that page is "Continue" ... it's so hard to find if you're not looking for it!

    My two came amazingly fast ... a couple weeks at most.
  3. Thank you very much, Kellie Girl, for your valuable input. From it, I concluded that the large size would be most appropriate for all sizes/types of Hermes bags less than 35cm.

    To get a feel about the "huge" size that others have already warned in previous threads, I looked for travel bags and totes with similar dimensions. Finally, I found an extra large department store shopping bag that has the same length, but with the height 2 inches shorter and the width 4 inches more. Carrying it in front of a mirror and imagining the shopping bag to have 10" handles, I think I look ridiculously silly. Besides, I can't imagine myself carrying a large and heavy tote while traveling. I normally carry a light handbag or a carryon with wheels. Therefore, I ditch the thought of getting the large tote.

    Coming back to the medium tote for reconsideration. OK, Kelly has to stay home. The question then is if I can take either the 31cm Bolide or the 30cm Birkin. OK, I can leave the tote unzipped and let the handles stick out, but what about the length? Isn't a 33cm length tote a little too tight for easily and safely getting my precious Hermes bags in and out? Oh mine! I have a headache.

    Oh well, until Longchamp makes a tote that is an inch wider and taller than the current medium model, I am going to look elsewhere.
  4. Looks like it is the same as the large totes (19"WX12"HX7"W) on eBay. Thanks for letting me know. Now I know for sure the totes without the middle stripe are not high enough.

    I have concluded that I need a tote with the dimensions of 15"LX14.5"HX8"W. Well, I sort of average out the lengths and depths, and increase the height of a large tote by 1/2 inch.
  5. Yeah, I just found this out the hard way. Now I have to go back and return that one for the largest size.... It looked HUGE in the store. Doesn't this size take up a ton of room/weight in a 35 cm Birkin?
  6. I know what you mean... it is a very big tote but it sure does come in handy. I used it for travel a couple weeks ago and had my Evelyne, Bose headphones and snacks in it. When I got on the plane I wore the Evelyne messenger style and hid it under my wrap so I didn't have to put it under the seat, and put my headphones on and took out my snacks and then just folded up the Pliage easily. It really was such a handy bag to travel with. It's light as a feather.

    I use it for work to carry stuff I don't want to put in a purse ... papers, files, etc. And today when I left work it was raining so I just popped my Kelly in it and felt so secure that she wasn't going to get wet, yet I didn't have that silly H raincoat on her.

    And at Christmas when I was a luncheon guest, I took some homemade goodies to my hostess's home and the Pliage was perfect to hold it all.

    And of course I use it when going to the beauty salon, etc. I just pop my Kelly in it and don't worry at all.

    I am only 5'1" but I have really enjoyed this large Pliage!
  7. I always travel with my XL Le Pliage. The only downside is that it has short handles. I can normally fit a Birkin 30 and an Evelyne with room to spare. Hope this helps.
  8. I wonder if the XL from a store and L online are the same? Just an FYI, when you order the custom version online you can choose either short or long handles.
  9. ^ I May Be Wrong On This, I Believe You Can Only Buy/Order The Extra Large From The Store
  10. I got my large in from the Longchamp into today...with long handles. I know it is big....but its for travel so I am okay with it.
  11. I love the longchamp pliage... I always use it to cover my birkin whenever I have to travel. It really comes in handy during airport security checks, xrays, and airplane storage. I actually use the large size even for my size 35 birkins... It's a bit tight on the height, but I always manage to zip it up and my birkins have never been damaged or anything. I don't really like the XL size because it is extremely huge and it looks really akward carrying it around... it kinda looks more fitting for a backpacker...

    Having said that, whether or not you ended up buying the L or XL size, I think it's really a practical cover for your birkin, yet still looks nice enough to carry around by itself. :tup:
  12. what I like about the large on the I can put my birkin and maybe a 32cm kelly...and for sure a GM shawl and a stole I have...with my scarves and jewelry so all my valuables are in that bag close to me.
  13. I would go for the large. I've just gotten back from a month of traveling with my 30 cm Birkin and it was perfect. I, too, dislike large totes, but I think the medium would have been to tight for me (and I normally don't carry much).

    My only advice would be to order online and get the longer handles. My Birkin took up most of the weight, so the Pliage was a pain to carry!
  14. Will a 32 kelly fit in a Med. Pliage guccigal? I was thinking of taking to France and having it live inside my kelly (in case of rain ). I don't mind if a bit of the handle pokes out. I don't want to tote around too big of a pliage if I can get away with the smaller. And can these be bought in the store Saks or only online saks (or longchamps) TIA:flowers: