Question about locks

  1. I hope that it is appropriate for me to ask this question. I'm a long-time Hermes scarf collector that finally moved into their bags as well. I had heard that authentic Hermes locks, on their underside, have a "dimple" on each side of the actual place where you insert the key. Last night I looked at the underside of my locks. Surprisingly, on 2 of them, both which are marked "120" and in gold, there are no such dimples, which I did find on others. One of these 2 "missing dimples" locks is from a bag that I bought at the Tyson's boutique last spring; the other is from a bag I bought from a trusted reseller. For both, the keys (all marked 120) that came with one bag will open the lock that came with the other. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it possible that not all authentic locks actually have both dimples? Or should I instead be worried about the authenticity of these 2 bags, even the one that I bought at the boutique? TIA.
  2. Maggie, my locks all have dimples and are not 120s.
    The exotic leather ones are covered so I don't know about those.
    I would not worry about the bag and lock purchased from the boutique.
    If you question the one from the reseller, take it in for a spa treatment.
    As to the keys working in both locks I would ask your SA. I love the ones at Tysons Corner.
  3. Thanks, Sus, for responding and checking your locks for me. I have been considering sending the one from the reseller in for a cleaning as you suggest, especially since I had no luck getting the Houston boutique today to give me their opinion as to authenticity one way or the other. I only own 5 Hermes bags that come with locks, all of fairly recent vintage. Isn't it an odd coincidence that 2 out of 5 would have the same lock number?
  4. can anyone please post a pic
  5. Uma, great idea and I'm sorry I didn't do so earlier. Odd thing--which I guess reflects my aging vision--when I got the locks out today to take the picture, I realized that the "120" lock from the bag I bought at Tyson's does have 1 dimple, but it definitely does not have 2 dimples. Here are a series of photos of 3 locks. In each case, the reseller "120" lock is on the left and the Tyson's "102" lock is on the right. In the middle is the lock off another boutique-purchased bag that does have 2 dimples, which I added for comparison purposes.
    Locks-front.jpg Locks-bottom.jpg Locks-back.jpg
  6. mine is a vintage lock ,and i have one dimple but no hermes written on the lock only the key
  7. Interesting info- thanks for sharing.. I checked both my Kelly's and they both have dimples on each side of the lock.

    Anyone know what this means?.. TIA
  8. MaggieD: I can't tell you whether your bag is authentic based on this, but I can tell you not to worry about the locks - there are no issues with them. Without going into more detail than is necessary here (for obvious reasons), I can tell you that authentic locks can have either 1 or 2 dimples or none at all. The center circle can also vary slightly in size, as can exactly where Hermes is engraved. This info came directly from H.
  9. Thanks, uma and amamxr, for checking your locks, and thanks style101 for letting us know that there can be so much variation in the locks and in fact, that all of my photographic locks, even the one from the reseller-purchased bag, appear to be authentic. It's amazing with these bags that the more you learn, the more you discover that you still have even more to learn. Thank goodness for the helpful knowledge of the members of this group.
  10. Hi MaggieD, I have a 107 no dimples,kelly lock circa 2005.
  11. Yes & if anyone knows why, please explain, thanks!
  12. Go to eBay and read sandiaexchange. She said something about the dimples and also said not to worry if the bags are vintage.
  13. Thanks Mrs S! I will read up on SandiaExchange!:yes: