question about L'Occitane

  1. Hi I was wondering if any of you have ever experienced this. I have the L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream. Today when I went to use it there were clear oily patches as if the oil was separating out of the rest of it. Have any of you experienced this? Is it still usable or should I buy a new jar? Thanks!
  2. Did you keep it in your bathroom or another hot or sunny room? I've found that my L'Occitane Body Cream did the same thing, and I had it in the bathroom. Since I was using it on my body and not my face, I scraped off the patches from the top, and then stirred it and used it. I did not put it back in the bathroom and it did not happen again. HTH!
  3. Good to know! It has been sitting next to my window so maybe the sun had something to do with it...Thanks!
  4. i put 2 of my lotions next to the window and they separated as well. i ended up throwing mine out because i was a little grossed out :push:.
  5. This is definitely the reason! You can't put there. Ideally, skincare should be placed in a cool place.
  6. Yeah, keep it maybe in a drawer or under the sink in your bathroom. if it gets exposed to light, heat and/or humidity, it'll separate.
  7. I've had this problem before with a face cream (not L'Occitane's though). And I too was keeping it in my bathroom. Maybe the humidity or something causes it. Just keep it somewhere cool and dry and it should be fine. Also, if it's a jar, make sure to keep the lid on tightly at all times.
  8. If I pour out the oil is it still ok to use?
  9. Sealy, I'd try to mix it back in with the cream if I were you. Use a Q-tip or a popsicle stick and swirl it around.