Question about Little Stam

  1. My friend found one of the little stams at a consignment shop.. but there are no returns. We don't think the store would sell a fake but any tips on what to look for (ie. what type of zippers, any identification marks, etc.) would be greatly appreciated. This is the style.

  2. You can post pics in the authenticate this thread and we can look at it for you. That's the best way to help with authenticity.
  3. agree:yes:
  4. She has not purchased the stam yet. Once you buy there are no returns. She can't take pictures as they are holding it for one day and she didn't not have her camera on her. So yeah, any basic little things you could just say in general would be helpful.

    I didn't post in the other thread because like I said.. there are no pictures. I just wanted some info.
  5. Anything about authenticity should be in authenticate this. There isn't really anything I can tell you to let you know the bag is authentic for sure without seeing it. Look out for shiny hardware and plastic-y leather. Oh and the font shouldn't be too long or fat. And if it has a Nordstrom tag, no white strings.

    If your friend decides to buy it, we can get into more details based on looking at the bag. :yes:
  6. Does it say Riri or Lampo anywhere? That's the main thing I was interested in. The bag feels right, looks right. Sorry, I didn't post there because this really isn't a post to try to authenticate it from sight. I just wanted the zipper types really, or anything special like that.
  7. ^^^anytime you want to know something about a bag, you should post it in authenticate this. The mods don't come into this forum too much so it's whatever. But in larger forums, this would be closed before I even posted.

    Zippers depend on the season the bag is from. What season is it from? What's the material inside of the bag? What's the leather look like? Is it texturized, smooth, glazed? What's the hardware on the bag look like? Shiny, dull, matte?
  8. you can erase the post if you'd like.

    it is the same as the picture i posted. so a recent season, as it is still on sale at elux.
  9. So it's a Topaz little stam? Did you look at the interior of the bag? Can you provide some info on the bag that you saw?
  10. I don't show the little stam on sale at elux. As far as I know the Topaz stams have never been on sale up to this point.
  11. *for sale, not on sale.

    I didn't see the bag, my friend did. I will see it tomorrow. Sorry for all the confusion. We'll just see the bag when we see it I guess. The store is well known and reputable so things should work out. And since we are in NYC I guess the easiest thing to do is have MJ Collections verify.

    Thanks anyway!
  12. airmarket- i've read on here that the marc jacobs store will not authenticate bags not purchased from them.

    and you're friend should be careful even when buying from a well know store. a few months ago i bought a fake mj stam hobo from a reputable les boutique that the ladies here on tpf helped me find out that it was fake! (elongreach you might rememer) i took it back to the store immediately and they were thankful to find out and refunded me right away and said that they were going ot pull it off consignment- my point is... sometimes the store doesnt even know if they are not familiar with the product.

    good luck!!